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The iPad

I wonder how many blog posts have been written so far about this device only a few people have actually seen and handled.

I kept up with the live blogs during the presentation yesterday. I ooh’ed and ah’ed at the screen shots. I got excited about the price until I found out it was for 16 gigs. I read the Mashable article on what the iPad doesn’t have.

I wrote a status update about the name… but I suppose I will get over it.

The list of things it doesn’t have kind of surprised me, I have to admit. The lack of ports, the need for adapters – it kind of made me wonder what the plans are for the device. I agree with my friend Lou, and probably a lot of other people (but Lou is one of the only people I know personally who went to MIT), that Apple is planning on being a lot more disruptive with this device than it would appear at first glance.

I think the most interesting and incomprehensible move is not opening it up with an SDK for developers. I’m sure/hopeful they will eventually, just as I’m sure they’ll develop a better way for it to sync data with clouds – it will have to, to survive in the market.

There are a handful of other slightly confusing moves, most of them from a hardware perspective — but you know, the iPhone didn’t come with a camera at first either, and now look at it – one of the few devices making augmented reality a reality for us.

All in all, I’m reserving judgment until I get one in my hands.

I wish everyone else would, too.


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